Tech Design Solutions is a registered E-Plex dealer and authorized service technician. We can provide expertise in the field of E-Plex whether for design of a new system, upgrade to anexisting system, servicing of your E-Plex empowered vessel or to supply parts.

As vessels become increasingly complex, there is a need to better integrate the various systems on the boat and to create a more rewarding user experience. E-Plex is the next-generation multiplexing technology providing cutting edge system integration solutions. E-Plex electronically connects engines, generators, lighting, HVAC, audio/video and other equipment. The result is a seamless, monitoring and control solution with dramatically increased system functionality.


Powered by a patented, multiplexing technology that allows power and data to be transported over a simple, two-wire bus, E-Plex offers scalable, flexible solutions at competitive costs.