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As one of the most important aspects of any space, for comfort or function, correct lighting is crucial.

We can help calculate the most suitable lighting for your areas, best placement of lights for maximum functionality and perfect accents.

Simple areas may have a single dimmer circuit, others with many different circuits may need a control system to manage scenes. Give Tech Design Solutions a call to discuss what will work best for you.

We can supply entire systems with lights from many different manufacturers to suit both your style and your budget.


Design Solutions will be happy to visit your vessel and investigate problems or discuss upgrades.

As an expert with E-Plex we are often called to perform programming changes for specific customers, or to install new modules that were not available at the time of build.

Maybe you have added additional equipment and your generator is struggling to cope, there are ways to help boost power, without necessarily changing the generator.

We can inspect your entire system and recommend changes we feel would be very beneficial, or simply nice to have.