Tech Design Solutions can offer system designs to match your requirements. Whether you need a full concept design for a new production vessel, one-off custom or simple inverter/ charger install.

We can help you brainstorm ideas, investigate costs, discuss your client upgrade options, help train any existing staff on unfamiliar equipment.


We are also used to dealing with companies from different parts of the world and understand differing working methods of other cultures.


Having designed boats for both European and American markets, we are very familiar with the different systems used and we have even designed systems that can be changed over with just a few minutes of electrical modifications.


We provide full sets of drawings for electrical systems including cable plans, connection diagrams, panel drawings. We will calculate the system under various conditions and recommend power and cable requirements, produce detailed circuit books and provide documentation for your assessors.


Being familiar with Flag, Class, SOLAS, IMO, ISO, BMEA, ABYC, DNV, BV, you can be assured whatever your requirement, designs by Tech Design Solutions will comply with regulations.


We will guide you through installation, undertake commissioning and in the case of a production system, continue to investigate areas where efficiency can be improved by design.